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1st International Workshop on
Asphalt Recycling Technologies





9th and 10th September 2024
RWTH Aachen | Germany




About Aachen


Welcome to Aachen. Right where Germany meets Belgium and the Netherlands, Aachen is a treasure trove of stories. It is famous for the Aachen Cathedral, an ancient church that was the traditional crowning place for German kings and queens.

Aachen cathedral.jpg

Aachen is more than its past. It's a bustling city with a famous university, RWTH Aachen University, known for science and engineering. Walking through the city, you'll see a mix of old buildings and new ones, showing how Aachen blends its history with the present.

Make sure to relax in the Carolus Thermen spa, inspired by Aachen's old Roman baths. And try a piece of Printen, a local gingerbread, perfect with a cup of coffee.

Carolus thermen.jpg
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