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1st International Workshop on
Asphalt Recycling Technologies





9th and 10th September 2024
RWTH Aachen | Germany






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List of speakers

Cold Recycling

  • (Keynote lecture) Ole Grann (Denmark, IT Denmark) - Danish experience with BSM from introduction to full implementation in 5 years

  • (Keynote lecture) Dave Jones (USA, University of California, Davis) - Cold recycling: Research to successful implementation by road agencies

  • (Keynote lecture) Kim Jenkins (South Africa, University of Stellenbosch) - Closing the loop of cold recycling from research into application to create perpetual cycles

  • (Keynote lecture) Andre Greyling (South Africa, Loudon) - Successful cold recycling project examples over the last 20 years and a critical review of the practical challenges delaying the large-scale implementation of the technology

  • Allan Bay (Denmark, Arkil) - New roads, with recycled asphalt

  • Andrea Graziani (Italy, Marche Polytechnic University) - The Italian experience on cold recycling: From research to construction specifications for motorways

  • Alex van de Wall (the Netherlands, KWS) - CART: Cold Asphalt Recycling Train. Experiences with high quality cold in situ recycling of asphalt

  • Jan Valentin (Czech Republic, Czech Technical University in Prague) - 30 years of cold recycling in Czechia– daily business and challenges

  • Konrad Mollenauer (Germany, University of Kassel) - Research and standardisation on cold recycling in Germany

  • Ivan Isailovic (Germany, Strabag) - Cold Recycling with foamed bitumen; trial section on the German motorway A555

  • Mehdi Kalantari (Germany, BASt) - Cold Recycling with foamed bitumen, one step forward to implementation in Germany’s road network

  • Nadine Kahil (Germany, University of Koblenz) - Deformation behavior of Bitumen Stabilized Material (BSM) with different material compositions

Hot Recycling

  • (Keynote lecture) Martins Zaumanis (Switzerland, EMPA-Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) - Hot asphalt recycling

  • (Keynote lecture) Jan Valentin (Czech Republic, Czech Technical University in Prague) - Czech experience with asphalt mixtures containing elevated content of RAP – from experiments to real practice

  • Alex van de Wall (Netherlands, KWS) - Circular stone mastic asphalt

  • Alexandros Margaritis (Belgium, Belgian Road Research Centre) - Practical approach for quality screening of reclaimed asphalt materials based on a mechanistic approach

  • Francesco Canestrari (Italy, Marche Polytechnic University) - The Italian experience on warm-recycled asphalt mixes: from research to motorway construction specifications

  • Jian Qiu (the Netherlands, AsfaltNu) - Recycling management towards high quality and circular re-use of porous asphalt and SMA layers

  • João Oliveira dos Santos (the Netherlands, University of Twente) - Benzene emissions at asphalt plants: A statistical analysis based on a Dutch case study

  • Knut Johansen (Germany, Eurovia) - German quality campaign for the processing and storage of reclaimed asphalt

  • Mario Peiker (Germany, Hart Consult) - Asphalt at the limit using the example of race tracks and proving grounds

  • Thomas Dieth (Germany, IBQ Institute) - State of the art in testing hot mix asphalt

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